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Been in the industry as performer and shooter for decades, so know a bit, and have seen a lot 🙂

I still think the best way to spend a day is having sex on camera so that other people will get off on watching it.

And I still think that should be the core motivation for getting into porn. If it isn’t, that’s when things go wrong.

New to Porn/Sex Work?

Yeah, sex is fun and all, but what happens when your employer finds out and you aren’t actually making enough money to be OK with being sacked? Still up for it?

Is Porn/SW right for you? : If you haven’t started yet, start here. If it puts you off, that’s a good thing.

Get Started – what you need to know

How to get into Porn : What you need to know before you start, and how to start.

Guys who want to perform : Extra info, read everything else first.

Sales, Marketing, Business : The basics of making money, and keeping it. MOST IMPORTANT – how not to lose your bank account through porn.

Types of Shoot, Paid, Collabs etc, the good, the bad : Quick overview of the pitfalls and idiots you will meet all too soon.

Join SNAP – our industry group

Read the main articles about Health, Collabs, Money, Paperwork and Websites and you’re good to go. I hope you’ll enjoy my other ones as well, but they’re not critical to get started on the right foot.

Porn Friendly Locations

If you have a location for which you can sign a Location Release, I’ll add you here. DM me on Twitter.

Everything is welcome – you’re fan who would love to see porn being filmed at your house, a professional studio, a farmer, if you’re good with porn, and will sign a Location Release, get listed.

The rest are on the Locations page

Main Articles

The “do this biz well” ones are all under the headings. You should read the, . Other is misc stuff that I enjoyed writing but you don’t have to read it, except out of interest.

Health and Safety

Health info and Certs : know this, to be taken seriously, and stay safe.


The best, easiest, cheapest, and most fun way of making content once you need more than, “me and partner in out bedroom with a webcam”. Be doing collabs from the start, but do them properly.

Paperwork – Model and Location Releases

The Joy of Paperwork : Good overview of the rules

Money – Essentials

Filming and Production Practicals

Marketing, Promotion, Sales

Legal (ish)

Social Media

The must read is this one about Nostr – which promises us no censorship, no shadowbanning, no account cancels AND comes with bitcoin payments integrated already. It, or something like it, is the future!

Money – Detailed articles


The most important thing about Bitcoin is that if you can get your fans to use it, you get 100% of the money, can sell direct, can webcam direct, and can do anything legal (including things that platforms don’t allow). Given that platforms (and VAT) eat about HALF of everything your fans pay, even a few fans moving to bitcoin can increase your money, from the same level of sales.

But keep the platforms too. For now, to maximise your money, it’s a Platforms and Bitcoin world, where the fan chooses.

START HERE – for a no nonsense how to get set up to get paid in bitcoin by the “small but growing” fan base that has it. I have made sales in bitcoin, and it’s free to set up, so, why leave the money on the table?

My general opinion on projects can be found here. If you know a bit about crypto, have a read but the TLDR is “For adult, I only take Bitcoin seriously”.

If you are interested in more detailed chat, hit me up, happy to.

Platform Specific Notes

Useful Paperwork and Reference Stuff


Random Links


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