Alby improvement thoughts

TLDR : Allow paywall to split the payment between the site and the creator so that the creator sats go straight to them, and site sats to the site.

All about proving places for people to spend sats easily.

Most creators do not have sites. They rely on platforms.

All these platform models are key

WordPress and Drupal are the obvious CMS to build plugins/modules for. Drupal is way better for large scale sites with granular memberships and sophisticated search/taxonomy.

I build in both.

The most important thing here is that Creator sats NEVER touch the Admin sats account. This is good because it simplifies, but ALSO, it relates to UK, EU, and most other countries with VAT and how they deal with electonic market places. If the money touches a markeplace account, VAT must be collected. If not, platform is not involved in VAT.

Simple Open Post Model

ANYONE can post. No account needed.

They can use the Paywall, and to get paid, they just enter their LN address. No sats touch the site owner.

Reality – no one serious will build this site. Closest might be a site that requires registration and approval to post (and maybe payment) but Admin take zero from sales.

Cool idea – the plugin goes before the Submit button when creating a new post. This way Admin can charge for posts to be posted.

Gatekeepered Open Post Model

As above but now the Site Admin sets an Admin %. Now when someone buys content, that % goes to Admin, the rest to creator.

Admin probably moderates the posts (to prevent abuse) or requires registration to post. Or both. Advantage is that Admin doesn’t have to worry about getting paid via another route.

Once you have a registration process creators could enter LN in their profile, and as the system knows who is creator, it applies the right address.

VAT and other complexities

Are probably beyond the scope of the plugin, but that site/creator split is essential.

If you wanted to get really clever allow for a 4 LN addresses split, where the site populates them (because splits will depend on location of platform, location of creator, locastion of customer, rate of VAT in creator country and rate of VAT in platform country) and assume site software will do the maths.

Creator VAT account LN address

Creator LN address

Platform VAT account LN address

Platform LN address

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