Visiting the UK as a Creator – some tips, and for those working with them.

We LOVE it when creators visit 🙂

We love to collab. It’s always a YES from me 🙂 Visit me on my lovely boat. We can go for a cruise to somewhere quite and shoot 🙂

But, some notes…

Is it legal?

I don’t know. But I’ve never heard of anyone having problems re a short visit as tourists, just ones with a fun sideline.

That said, this is on the basis that you have made your own arrangements, paid your own way etc.

What you shouldn’t do, is arrive without money, without plans and without a ticket out. Esp if you come from a poor country. You will probably get turned round, not for porn, but just on, “we think you are coming to work” grounds. If that is a risk, you MUST arrive with a suitable VISA.

VISA – Student Visa is good, also try getting recruited for Care Work. We are importing care workers so those visas are easy to get through a recruiter in your home country. You will have to do the Care job, but in your free time, make porn 🙂

Booking PAID work in advance

Is hard. Too many times the photographers etc have been let down by plans that fell apart, and left out of pocket on studios etc. You will usually be told to “let me know when you arrive”. Don’t bank on paid shoots covering your costs. or even making a decent dent in them.

Booking Collabs in advance

Is easier, as you can usually offer your hotel / cottage as a shoot location (but see my locations articles), and serious creators are usually willing to book a cancellable location.

Don’t come to make cash money

Assume that you will NOT get paid work, and of course collabs are delayed income.

So, have enough money to enjoy the trip.

Do the paperwork

If you forget, hard to get it when you get back home…

DO be a tourist!!!

You’ve come a long way, take some time out to enjoy it.

My suggestion is, wherever in the UK you are, hire a car, drive out of town and explore the smallest country lanes you can find. You will find great views and pretty places everywhere, by accident.

Specific suggestions :-




Countryside :-

The Cotswolds

Devon and Cornwall (cute, beaches, surf)

Wye Valley.

If in the Midlands/North England, just go towards the hills.

Almost all of Wales, except industrial Newport / Merthyr Tidfil / Cardiff

All of Scotland north of Glasgow and Edinburgh

and if you like Stonehenge, a day trip that includes Avebury (it’s so big it has a village in the middle).

Brits working with Americans – beware this risk!

You should be aware that US Immigration is getting very hot on turning away sex workers. They use databases, AI and facial recognition, POSSIBLY social media. The risk you run is that if you collab with a US creator, and then try and go to the USA, you could be told “we think you are coming here to work, and because you need a work visa to even do collabs in the USA, we’re sending you home”. EVEN IF your trip is just to be a bona fide tourist, there’s no way you can prove it. Remember – border guards the world over (including ours) don’t have to prove you plan to break the rules, only have reasonable grounds for suspicion.

We don’t know what your odds are. Just be aware that there is the possibility.

Actually it’s a possibility anyway, but the odds increase once there is evidence that you know US creators already well enough to be in scenes with them.

Me personally, I have no plans to visit the USA so would love to work with any visiting cousins from over the pond 🙂

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