Filming & Editing

Filming : I bring lights, camera and 360VR camera

Industry : Normally collabs where I’m in 1-2 scenes (shared rights) then happy filming everything else all day, no rights required.

I am happy to edit footage as well, (see editing below).

Couples : Want someone to film you? I’m the guy. Usually use your camera. If mine, your SD card. You always have the only copy.

Swinger Party : Can run a filming room, so people who want to be in their porn, can be. I can charge for the event, or just for those who want it. Would normally suggest people bring their own SD cards. So they know they have the only copy.


From each scenes raw footage, a long scene, some shorter clips, a trailer, some very short Twitter clips. Editing style is light, mainly crossfades, maybe some colour correction. Essentially naturalistic.

£30 per scene. If you don’t like the results, don’t pay.