Spanish Hotel Location

So, this is an hotel in Spain – about 2 hours from Madrid – that is available for porn shoots.

The Hotel

See photos but basically an old fashioned, with old fashioned plumbing, Spanish rural hotel.

The beds were comfy and clean. The bathroom had a smell the first day but that cleared up, so my guess, stale drains that washed clean after I used the facilities. (The place had been closed up for some weeks when I went).

There are two function rooms/bars/pool spaces, great for party shoots.

There is a pool, an outdoor dining and BBQ area, and the owner owns a LOT of land around the area, so outdoors in the country shoots can be arranged.

The food I was given was good basic stuff – very Spanish. Fruit, meats, cheeses, pastries, pastas, pizzas, rissoto etc.

The internet and wifi was excellent.


The hotel is on the edge of a tiny village. The village has one bar that is packed if there are 20 people.

Horse riding can be arranged for experienced riders.

Local town can be visited – it’s about 10-12 miles, you’ll need a lift or taxi. It’s working town, not touristy or pretty. But has shops and makes ceramics, so, if that’s your art 🙂

Basically, just take the view that you’ll stay in the hotel.

Collab Shooting Holiday

I am looking to put together a collab shooting trip if there is interest. 3 nights or maybe longer.

10 rooms at 160 Euros per room per night. Rooms are all doubles, twins or triples. If you commit to a room, you sort the money with whoever you want to invite to share it.

It will be catered, so, we can focus on content.

There will be NO requirement for collabs with me. Though of course, would love to 🙂

DM me interested, subject to demand I’ll look at dates. Reality – autumn 2024 or early 2025 as it’s short notice for the summer.

Earning Opportunity for Greedy Girls

The hotel is used as a porn and party place. If you are in the party scene, then the deal is that they will fly you out, meet you at the airport etc. Usual stay is one week, and you would normnally have two parties at 1000Euros per party and they would try and get you porn scenes at 500-600 Euros each. Usually 4-5 for your first trip.

If you are an experienced party scene person DM and I’ll give more details.

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